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5 Reasons You Can Trust Aus Solar Co

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We are Great Place To Work Certified

Our vision of educating our people for a better future is no more evident than with our caring, award winning staff. Aus Solar Co is proudly internationally recognised as A Great Place To Work. Our team is passionate about a renewable future and reducing Australia's energy costs. When dealing with any member of Aus Solar Co, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a leader in their field who is dedicated to helping you to the best outcome possible.

We make going solar easy with 5 easy steps.

From the second you engage us to the moment your solar panels start producing savings, we deliver the tools, support, and advice you need to make going solar simple. Our award winning customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries you have or advice you may need.


One of our trusted solar experts will work with you to analyse your energy consumption and solar needs. To do this, it is always helpful to have your latest electricity bill handy. This will allow us to look at your usage habits throughout the year, assess your night and day time usage and educate you on how your energy bill is calculated. We will analyse your roof using state of the art satellite technology and determine where is best to place your new solar panels. Of course, throughout this entire process we will ensure you understand exactly how your new system is going to benefit you whilst both listening to and answering any questions you have throughout the journey. Simple, painless, and free.


We ensure you are happy, educated & understand the ins and outs of your new solar system prior to asking for your signature. Following this, we will take the reins and liaise with your distributor and energy retailer to ensure there are no headaches along your new journey. We lead the charge throughout this process and will only come back to you if we need any additional assistance. This process happens immediately and can take up to 3 weeks pending on where you live in Australia. Of course, you are kept up to date across this whole journey & we are always just a simple phone call away if you need us.


Your installation will be a breeze. Rest assured our highly professional expert team of registered A-Grade & CEC Electricians will have contacted you up to 2 weeks prior to your installation day. We will confirm with you a suitable date & time, talk you through the process & answer any questions you have. On the day you can anticipate being greeted by a friendly face dressed in hi-vis and have them on and off your roof before sundown. You’re welcome to sit inside and do as you please, or pop out for a chat.


Your new system is on your roof, what happens next? Don’t worry, we take care of it. Our highly professional expert team of registered A-Grade & CEC Electricians will have recorded all the information we need to connect you to the grid. Again, we lead the charge for you & will liaise with your energy retailer of choice to ensure you are connected as soon as possible. This process is quick, pain free & will allow you to maximise your savings as soon as possible.


Our highly professional expert team of registered A-Grade & CEC Electricians will have scanned all items we have installed during the process. We use this information to register your warranties with our manufacturers and keep records of this on our database. Our award winning customer service will contact you, ask for feedback and assist in setting up your wifi monitoring enabling you to see first hand just how much you are saving on a daily basis. If you’re interested, our team’s always just a phone call away for a chat and/or to see if we can recommend any additional saving habits you might be able to do to maximise your new solar system.

My electricity bill per quarter is $300

In 15 years you’ll save $25,073.63

Pay As You Save Solution.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, Save!

1 200,000+ solar panels installed & counting!

2 An estimated $15,000,000+ of annual savings for Australians & rising!

3 A massive 1000+ genuine 5 Star

No upfront costs or fees and the system is paid for within five years. After that, the system is entirely yours and the electricity continues to be free. How good is that?!

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Here’s What 10,000+ Happy Customers Say About Us

Here's what our Happy customers on Google and had to say.

Pamela Sanders

“The sales person knew what he was talking about, followed by the installation crew who worked quickly if not quietly, but who would expect it to be when you've got men working on your roof. However, it was not unexpected or excessive. The two young men who turned up at 8am, were pleasant, respectful, and got to work quickly. No problems, no hassles, no bad language, I'd have them back again with no hesitation, only we don't have any more space on our roof. Thanks guys, well done.”

Albert Morell

“I had a very competent group of 3 tradesmen install my solar panels within 4 hours. They were very professional with the speed & efficiency of their work and I would highly recommend their services to anyone. My first quarterly bill since the installment was a pleasant surprise...”

John Pringle

“Aus solar co is a company which bends over backwards for their customers I had an issue I brought to the attention and they sorted it very satisfactory and in a high professional way. If you are considering solar installation I would recommend highly Aus solar co because if you have any concerns or worries procedure or your contract they are extremely professional and happy to assist you to sort out any problems and their installers are very professional hours arrived Saturday morning at 8.50 AM packed up cleaned up and gone by 3 PM fully installed neat installation with my solar panels generating power.”

Gilda Rozemulder

“I found the installers to be professional, friendly and efficient“

Paul D

“Wasn't home when installers arrived, after calling me for OK they went ahead and installed system. Looks professional and tidy. No mess left behind.”

Shane Harris

“I have found them to be very thorough in regards to installation and follow up to ensure all was done to a high standard, and it was. Thanks”

Gary Young

“A very professional installation by two very hard working tradesmen. I will have no hesitation in passing on to my friends your company so they can have the same perfect installation that I received. I will now thank you from a very happy man. Cheers Gary.”

Bob Nankivell

“Very happy with instillation of solar panels, installed very quickly and very helpful and professional. I would recommend this company.”

Jacqui Grey

“Well done they where very professional at installing the solar panels and if I need them I will definitely call on the team again in the future thank you John”

Ian Bartley

“could not fault installation & the two guys doing the install. They were there on the day of the appointment, very polite & professional in there work. They removed old system & left site clean & tidy all i could have asked for.”

Beth Marrell

“The crew from Aus Solar Co were marvellous! Very professional, friendly, easy to understand and ease with the installation!”

Kimberly Perry

“Really smooth installation process. Friendly Staff. Very happy with the whole process.”

Troy Cormack

“The boys who come out and done the install were very professional and helpful explained what stage they were at and done a neat job.”

Kassandra Humphry

“So far so good. Installation was a success, now to wait and see how much our power bill drops.“

Kate Rutherford

“From the first appointment to the installation everyone has been helpful and friendly and I have been kept informed along the way with me never having to follow up. Now to see what the savings looks like after the first couple of bills.”

Lyndon Lowe

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“Very friendly and helpful team who answered all of our questions fully and effectively. The installers were very professional and did a very tidy job - the system looks great and works fine. They are a little more expensive than some of the cheap deals going around, but you are getting quality products here. Very happy with our purchase. Great customer service. Would definitely recommend.”

David Burgess

“From the beginning Aust Solar Co have answered all questions promptly and helped in any manner that they could. Josh the guy that called on us has followed up on things for us as we had to delay our installation because of Strata Rules. This was no problem to them and Josh followed and this week we were finally able to get our installation. The Installation team were courteous and well mannered guys and even though they got rained off on the Wednesday they were back on the Friday and installed the Solar panels with great professionalism. One very happy customer.”

Colin W

“Extremely happy with 20 kilowatt system. Bills are now less than 0 every time. Service has been fantastic. Thank you Jesse and the team.”

Maggie Morriss

“I can only say this company was professional and helpful and has kept us up to date during the entire process, including explaining really well what size system we would need and why. Even on cloudy days we are still making our own power, it's a lot less, but it's still getting some. The trades have been phenomenal. Our only disappointment is we aren't in a 5g area and so difficult to link to our inverters through our phones We had other solar companies come to our house, but these guys were the best by far. We are really happy. Thanks Pro Power.”

Marie-Louise Molinari-Hay

“Today, I was contacted by Grace from Aus Solar Co. and politely asked if I would care for information on their unique product. I found Grace to be highly efficient, with an excellent knowledge of the company she represents and the product they offer. As well, she was charming, patient and professional. Now, I am eagerly anticipate the installation of my solar panels and the prospect of saying goodbye to extortionate electricity bills. Several other solar companies have approached me over time, with various offers and products. However, Aus Solar Co.“

Matthew Thomas

“So far So good. Good customer service, very quick sign up to install date. Quality looking product and the installer did a great job. Hopefully it will start saving us some money now.”

Stuart Gilchrist

“Very happy with the service. The installers were very friendly and done a great job. They even removed and disposed of my old broken hot water panels.”

Saddle Camp

“Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Aussolarco and their awesome installers. The whole process was smooth, quick and easy, and the installers were the same. The panels look great, and its such a great feeling to be cutting down on our carbon footprint - at last!”

Guy Miles

“Very good did it all in only 4 and half hours easy to talk to and speedy allways keeping you up to date“

Jbbrown brown

“Installation by father and sons was performed in a professional manner. The completion of placing panels and electrical connection with converter and main power board meter was done professionally wise and in a safe manner. Thanking u, from home owner. Johnson Brown”

Cliff Reiss

“Great experience overall, installation team were friendly and quick. The customer service is top notch too!! Very happy with the product and seeing all those solar panels on the roof!!”

Jodie Williamson

“Great customer service, quick and efficient installation by very friendly team. Very happy with Aus Solar Co. Now time to start saving money.”

Christine Jones

“Such a great company from the start. Made the finance and installation arrangements so easy. We've had the system now two years with no issues at all. It's halved our electricity bills! What we saved I the bills almost covered the finance so win win! Highly recommended! Thanks to the team who have assisted us”

Mary Bodenham

“The installation was done in just a few hours. I went to work with nothing and came back at lunch and it was all done. Had a glitch with my Meyer that needed an upgrade that Aus Solar followed up for me.”

Jenny Rolston

“A smooth install overall. We are pleased with the system and the follow up call today from Jerry. One little improvement in regards to the install would be a phone call from the install guys before they arrive on site with an accurate arrival time. Many thanks”

David Bearham

“Arrived on time, vey friendly and efficient and didn't mind the dogs. Installation looks good and all working well. Highly recommend.”

Darren Donohoe

“Our panels were installed by Aus Solar in 2018 and the installation process was straight forward from start to finish. We immediately noticed savings to our energy bills and have continually seen great savings, with summer months even resulting in credits back from our supplier. It was definitely the right choice for us and I would recommend Aus Solar to anyone thinking of solar panels.”

Michelle Hapuku

“2 1/2 years later we are veey pleased with our solar panels. Our bills have reduced so much that we couldn't be happier. The fact that we've never had a problem but Aus Solar still contact me just to make sure we didn't have any problems. Thank you very much Kristine for the call and answering all my questions”

Cheryl Tulloch

“We have been very happy with our installation in 2018. We have saved quite a lot of money on power bills because of these really efficient panels!! The staff a really good too. Thanks to the phone call I had today, lovely girl Krisitne, well done.”

Inano Marshall

“Quick installation which was great as we have a newborn baby. The guys were friendly and were kind enough to lock up after they left so I could focus on baby.“

Jonathan Gurney

“We wanted to save money on our energy bills and so, against my better judgement, we gave it a shot. Installation was completed quickly after signing the contract and the changeover of our meter box was fast and painless. Two years on, I am very glad to say it was not a scam we have saved a small fortune on our electricity! Even with the whole family visiting, with 4 fridges plugged in, our bill was only $80.00. If you're on the fence about it, rest assured that I was too and have been so impressed by the results. I have only had to call their support once, and they were very helpful and got my issue sorted out within minutes. Overall, highly recommend using this as an option to make your home more energy efficient.”

Tegan Jeakes

“Very professional, quick and accommodating to our needs. Have had them for over a year now and have no complaints so far. Abit more pricey then some companies but well worth the extra cost just in their care and customer service. Looking forward to seeing how they stand the test of time ”

Janine Chadderton

“Fabulous installation experience, the guys kept us fully informed during the installation and were very helpful and friendly. Customer care kept us updated from sign up to post installation. Just got to wait and see that the savings are as good as promised.”

If Michael can save $2000 a year with solar energy, so can you.

Michael says: “Don’t do it for the environment, do it for yourself!”

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