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Solar units can reduce your electricity bill or even eradicate it altogether. Firstly, by generating your own electricity from the solar panels you reduce the electricity you need to buy from your power provider. Secondly, any excess electricity your system produces is sold back to the power provider under the prevailing Feed-in tariff in your state. Additional benefits to installing solar units include an increase in both the energy rating and value of your house.

Grid-connected solar system gives you the best of both worlds - the ability to harness power from the sun, along with the ability to draw additional power from the grid when necessary. This connection to the mains power line also allows for the sale of excess power back to your retailer.

All our products have Clean Energy Council approval for use in Australia.

Depending upon the size of your system your installation will take between half a day to an entire day

Yes ofcourse, all our installers are fully qualified electricians with additional Clean Energy Council accreditation for the specific installation of solar power systems and carry all relevant insurance cover.

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For safety reasons, in the event of a blackout, your solar PV system will stop producing electricity. This safety measure is mandatory and has been put in place to protect anyone working on the blacked-out grid system.

By reducing Australia’s dependence on electricity generated from coal, we not only reduce harmful CO² emissions into our air, we also reduce the demand on water that power companies require to generate this electricity. Currently, 130 billion liters of drinking water per year is used just to generate coal-based electricity.

Yes, AusSolarCo provides a warranty for your solar system. In fact, our warranty far exceeds the industry standard:

  Up to 10-year manufacturer warranty on your inverter
  25-year performance warranty on your panels (guarantee to perform a minimum of 80% of its maximum output within the first 20 years)
  12-year warranty regardless of standard manufacturer warranty offered on solar panels
  15-year warranty on roof mounting framing and on-site installation

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