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Who This For?

This for Australian homeowners who want to make their power bills lower than ever through our Solar BillSaver Rescue Program. Eligible homeowners will qualify for ‘Pay As You Save’ $0 upfront financing on a new solar system that costs less per month than your power bills do.

It's Not Magic, It's Maths...

A modern 6.6kw solar system generates enough electricity to almost completely cover the average Australian homes power needs, and with our ‘Pay As You Save’ program most people end up paying less for the solar system monthly than they do for their power bills.

How Do I See If I Qualify?

Click the button below and answer a few short questions to find out if you qualify instantly

Utility Bill

This is what you can expect your power bills to look like if you switch to solar. With our 'Pay As You Save' $0 upfront financing you'll be able to pay off your new solar system with the savings you make on your power bills.